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The Stables is a 9,000 square foot climate-controlled, private storage facility for car enthusiasts and collectors. This safe and secure storage includes concierge services—having your car ready to drive, professional detailing, maintenance, performance upgrades, worldwide shipping, and more. Packages are available to accommodate levels of access, from occasional driving to capsuled storage.

Inquire at European Auto Garage for details, advanced reservations, and a tour. 


Available Services Include:

  • Climate-controlled Indoor Vehicle Storage
  • Battery Tender Service
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Concierge Service for maintenance at European Auto Garage
  • Car Show Prep
  • Paint-less Dent Removal
  • Detailing
  • Fueling

The Stables at European Auto Garage will offer its services at an hourly and monthly rate using the following categories and rates:

  • Monthly Lease - $285/month for the first vehicle, 10% off each additional vehicle.
  • Annual Lease - $275/month for the first vehicle, 10% off each additional vehicle.
  • 5 year Lease - $256.50/month for the first vehicle, 10% off each additional. Pricing fixed at time of contract. (Lessee may give six month notice to vacate anytime after the first year term.)
  • Founders Club: 10 year unlimited access, fixed one time cost of $100,000. Founders have 600 square feet that can be used to stacker lift as many as four vehicles, or can be a museum style display at the Founder’s expense. There are only five remaining Founder memberships available at this time. Memberships can be extended by current five year rates minus 15%. After acceptance as a Founder, additional founders may only be accepted by unanimous, private vote of Founders and Facility owners. Founding Members may transfer membership only by the acceptance process above. Founders and facility managers are the only members with unrestricted access. Founders identity will be kept private upon request
  • Battery Tender Service $25.00 Month
  • Details: TBD by Service
  • Fueling: $25.00 plus the total of fuel pumped
  • Car Show Prep: $200.00
  • Car Show Transport: TBD by location of show (Generally $4.00 a mile plus daily per diem of $75.00 per day for driver in addition to lodging for driver)
  • Paint-less Dent Removal: TBD by location of dent(s)

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