Detailed Plus

                                                                First job performed by Detailed Plus.

First up, A 25ft Cobalt boat. This boat received the Complete Detail package. Which included Vinyl cleaner and treatment metal shine. Additionally, Alex hand polished the sides of the boat to help remove oxidation marks as well as help preserve the color. 

Second Job ~

2000 Porsche 911 Carrera. This car came in with some heavy paint scratches as well as worn out carpet.This car received the Specialty Detail. The Specialty Detail Includes things such as claybar,wash,vacuum,shampoo, and clean the engine bay among other things. This car looked brand new when it left!!

When dropping your vehicle off for service
be sure to ask about our detail packages.
Detailed Plus has everything from a simple wash and wax
to a complete over~haul of your vehicle.
Detailed Plus strives to make your vehicle look and feel new
To give you the best accurate quote Detailed Plus prefers
to see your vehicle in person!
Swing by today and ask for Alex,or give him a shout for
scheduling. 865.862.5270


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