LN Engineering

Own a Porsche Boxster, 911, or Cayman? Have you read about the dreaded IMS bearing failure? No need to worry. We can help!  It is highly recommended to have your Porsche examined to make sure your IMS bearing is not noisy, leaking, or coming apart inside the filter, and avoid the failures you hear about.  We are a dealer for LN Engineering. They supply upgraded IMS bearings, along with other Porsche upgrades. We have the special tools needed to install the IMS bearings without having to drop the motor out.  This time saving procedure saves our customers lots of money!

Exhaust Systems

Looking for more sound and performance out of your BMW, Mini, VW/Audi, Porsche, or Mercedes? You've come to the right place! We are an authorized dealer for several different exhaust manufacturers so you get that perfect fitment, look, and of course sound for your Euro! A list below of just a few that we can get for your ride!


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Looking to lower your ride? Improve handling? Or just replace your worn out suspension? We have you covered from OEM components all the way to the top level coil over suspension systems. 

We are authorized dealers for some of the best suspension components in the market. 

We can perform spring installs, struts, coilovers, sway bars, etc. All alignments are performed in house with our state of the art Hunter Hawk-Eye machine.


VMR Wheels

VMR Wheels specializes in wheels for BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi. Some fitments fit Pontiac as well. VMR has recently released fitment sizes for many Japanese makes. Come on in and check out our wheel display or give us a call for pricing on wheels. 

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BBS Wheels USA


We are an official BBS wheel dealer. Give us a call for any BBS needs

"BBS has been engineering true high performance wheels for more than 40 years. Over the past 40 years, BBS wheels have won over 250 series Championships, ranging from F1, Touring Cars, Prototypes, Silhouette, Open-wheel, World Rally Championships, Hillclimb and Motorcycles. We understand what it takes to engineer wheels and technologies that can not only compete, but can win Championships. Since BBS produces OE wheels for many manufacturers including companies like BMW, Ferrari and Porsche, we understand the true performance requirements along with the proper load rating, tolerances and durability specifications.

APR Tuning

We are an authorized dealer for APR Tuning. We can increase power and torque for your Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche through flash tuning or bolt on products from APR

Burger Tuning

We have been an authorized dealer for Burger Tuning for several years now. We have installed hundreds of JB4 systems to 135s, 135s, and 535s. In the past couple years Burger has expanded to the M3, M5, and M6 as the automotive industry shifts to turbochargers. If you want to take your BMW/Mini, Mercedes, VW/Audi from tame to insane we are your one stop shop for your BMW performance needs. Especially when it comes to the modern turbocharged monsters. 

Burger has expanded their lineup of products to Mini, Mercedes and now Volkswagen. Give us a call for more information on the piggyback tunes they offer.

But it doesn't stop there. Looking to customize your ride further? Burger has expanded to wheel spacers, light accessories, lugbolts, and much more. Give us a call!

More info on Juicebox upgrades check out the Project Car section on our Blog.


Carbon Blast

Before/After of Carbon Build up

Before/After of Carbon Build up

Here at EAG we offer Carbon blast services for direct injected engines. Over time on direct injected engines carbon will build up on the valves and rob your engine of horsepower, fuel economy, idle quality, and smoothness through-out the powerband. About every 50K miles the intake manifolds need to come off the engine and a carbon blast performed. Using a special tool to fit the intake port, a wand, a vacuum and some walnut shells we blast the valves until they are clean on each cylinder. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment for your BMW, Audi, or Volkswagen.