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Our team is capable of performing routine maintenance, lowering suspensions, and installing go-fast goodies on your vehicle. European Auto Garage is an independent, full service and repair facility specializing in BMW; Porsche; Mercedes; Mini Cooper and other fine European Automobiles.

Our goal is to provide top-level expertise to address your car’s needs while providing personal customer service. Our technicians have multiple top-level certifications and an average of over 20 years experience. We are one of the only service and repair facility in the greater Knoxville area to have the latest diagnostic equipment from Europe.




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Pre-Purchase Inspections

So you have decided that you want an European car. You’ve done your countless hours of research, Googling the late night away, reading consumer reports, Edmunds, and have narrowed it down to that Porsche you always wanted. Maybe its a BMW 3 series or a Mercedes S-Class? In those late nights of Googling maybe you’ve noticed some “flaws” that a particular model has, but don’t know how to quite go about looking for it when inspecting the car for yourself. That is where we come in.


We go over every inch of the car noting any issues it has. We basically do a 50 point inspection on the car. Basic overview of it is, engine, brakes, suspension, wheels, tires, clusters, faults, paintwork, any frame damage present, bulbs out, has the oil been changed, A/C, etc. This can take a good solid hour of our technicians looking the car over. Once he has completed his inspection we will provide you with estimates on repair(s). We will also let you know how we feel about the car in general. Whether it is wise just to walk away and keep looking. The estimates we provide then give you the leverage to negotiate with the seller.


Oil Change Specials

Our oil changes are priced so well that we are even cheaper than big chain stores all while using OE filters and Synthetic oil that meets all the European manufacturer specs. Our oil changes just don’t include oil and filter though. They also include 50 point inspection every time you come in for service. As well as a tire rotation if applicable to your vehicle. Our oil change specials use Millers oil and OE oil filters. On request we can also provide Motul, Redline, Amsoil, etc but these oils are not applicable to our oil special pricing. Please call for pricing.

To learn more about Millers and all its specs click here.

4 Cylinders, 6 Cylinders, 8/12 Cylinders, Porsches

  • 50 Point Inspection
  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Tire Rotation (if applicable)
  • ///Motorsports O/C

    • BMW ///M cars that require 10W-60
    • Oil and Filter change
    • 50 Point Inspection

    Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Lotus, any exotic vehicle are not included in oil change special. 

    Tire Mounting & Balancing

    Hunter Mounter and Balancer

    Hunter Mounter and Balancer

    We do more than just keep your engine, brakes, and suspension in check. We also mount and balance tires. And we can basically mount ANY size. We have the latest Hunter Auto34 tire mounter. What makes this machine so special is that when mounting any tire it never makes contact with the wheel. It will never put deep gouges into the wheel, chip paint off of them, etc. It’s a perfect mount every time. With a lot of European makes using runflats, the sidewalls on these tires are VERY stiff. This machine allows these tires to go on the wheel much easier than most other machines. Lets put it this way. We were one of the first shops in Knoxville to get this machine. Dealers were dropping off their wheels and tires for us to mount and balance. Our balancer is no slouch either. It provides roadforce balancing to get those most annoying vibrations taken care of. It will even let us know if the wheel or tire is bent or out of round.

    Once tires are mounted and on the balancer we only use the best wheel weights. For 99% of the cars that roll through we use 3M adhesive weights. The 3M adhesive is VERY strong and will not come off while rolling. It also goes on the inside of the wheel so you don’t have a tacky weight hammered onto the outer part of the wheel. Sometimes though in rare instances a weight on the outer part of the wheel cannot be avoided.
    More info on our tire mounter
    More info on our tire balancer

    We are an official Michelin tire dealer. We can get you any Michelin, BFGoodrich, Hankook, or Uniroyal tire. Give us a call for pricing and availability. Ask about any current rebates going on as well. We are still an Authorized Installer for Place an order through their website and have your tires shipped directly to us. 


    Timing Belts


    The majority of Volkswagens, Audi, Volvos, and some Lexus engines use timing belts. These belts are a required maintenance item and should be replaced about every 100K. Lots of people price shop this job because it is labor intensive and parts can be expensive at times depending on engine. We only do timing belts the right way. When you receive a quote from us on a timing belt job we don’t just price out the belt. In conjunction with the belt we do the rollers, tensioner, water pump, and new OE coolant. Some shops will ONLY change the belt and nothing else. We do the water pump while we are there because the belt typically drives the pump. By doing the pump now you save labor doing it the first time around. We always do the tensioner because a tensioner wears out and fail causing the belt to stretch and jump a tooth. If the serpentine belts are cracking we will also do those to save you labor as well. Timing belts are no joke to mess with. On a VW or Audi if this belt goes so does your motor. This is why we take care of everything the first time so you don’t have to worry about it for another 100K. Give us a call and we can get you scheduled for your timing belt service.


    Just installed new tires? Wanting to update that old suspension to new components? Have a more performance oriented car for autocrosses, track days, etc? Your in luck. We have our state of the art Hunter Hawk Eye Alignment machine. The Hawk Eye machine not only has the latest in technology high resolution cameras. It also has new clamping style that goes on the tires instead of clamping to those expensive wheels possibly causing damage. This machine takes in everything from typical camber, caster, and toe to each corner's ride height. Once all that is taken into account it then compensates for ride height that isn't quite dialed in. No more loading sandbags, drivers, etc into the cars for the most accurate manufacturer spec alignments. Along with our Hunter Hawk-Eye machine we have upgraded our alignment rack. Our new rack flush mounted into the ground to get the lowest of cars onto the rack without scraping. On top of that our rack has built in LED lighting to be able to see exactly what is going on with your suspension and steering underneath. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. 

    To learn more about our alignment machine click here


    When it comes to brakes we got your vehicle covered to stop on a dime. We offer all sorts of different braking options depending on what your are using the vehicle for. We offer everything from OEM replacement pads and rotors to Ceramic pad option that doesn't dust like the factory option does. We can even get upgraded street pads, Auto-X pads, track pads, stainless brake lines, racing brake fluid, and upgraded rotors such as slotted or cross drilled. Give us a call for your braking needs.