Events at the Garage (The other side of EAG)

Events at the Garage offers European Auto Garage as an event venue. The lobby and covered service drive are available for rental as well.


  • Inside the garage only, the space can accommodate 100-135 seated guest depending upon seating arrangements and table choices.

  • Cocktail-style events can accommodate between 100-150 guests.

  • Garage floor space measures approximately 50’ x 100’.

  • Events at the Garage requests that events include no more than 150 guests.

  • The Lobby space and Covered Service Drive (52’ x 18’) of EAG can accommodate smaller events

    • 30-40 seated guests in Lobby only and can be expanded to 60 seated guests when utilizing the Covered Service Drive.

    • Cocktail-style events using the lobby and service drive can accommodate up to 75 guests.


  • Events that utilize the entire venue space (garage, covered service drive, lobby): $3000.00

  • Events that utilize the garage space only: $2500.00

  • Events that utilize the lobby and service drive only: $1500.00

  • Events that utilize the Bridal Party House (coming August 2019): $300.00 per night with an additional $300.00 refundable security deposit.

    • An event insurance policy known as a Commercial General liability insurance policy will be required. It must include coverage for Host liquor liability if alcohol will be served. The policy should be in the amount of 1,00,000.00, and list Pasco, LLC DBA European Auto Garage as the certificate holder. This policy must be received by EAG within 10 days prior to the event.

      • We recommend contacting WedSafe ( This policy typically costs around $150.00

    • Guests/groups may bring their own alcohol to be served. If alcohol will be served at the event, we require that an ABC licensed bartender is hired.

      • The Pour Guys is a great resource for licensed bartenders. (

  • Groups are guaranteed 12 hours of time on property on the day of the event, to take place any time between 9am and 12am (Sat.) or 12pm and 12am (Sun.). This time frame is to include/cover time needed for setup, deliveries, the event, breakdown, and pick-ups.

  • Additional hours may be purchased at a rate of $100.00/hour, but must be arranged in advance through the Venue Rental Coordinator.


  • Parking lot with approximately 35-40 single spaces. Valet services are not offered and EAG does not provide decorative signage or greeters to direct guests.

  • Use of EAG prep kitchen. Guests may choose a caterer to provide prepared food. The EAG kitchen is only a prep kitchen. The kitchen has a sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, and small warming oven, as well as prep space. Cooking may not be done in the kitchen, on the terrace or in the main rooms.

  • Accommodations can be made to allow for one photography session for photos such as engagement pictures or bridal portraits, with the photographer of your choice. Photo sessions must be scheduled during normal business hours, unless prior approval is approved by the Venue Rental Coordinator.

  • Guests/groups are welcome to take pictures on property during their time frame on property on the day of their event.

  • Ceremony rehearsals for weddings can be scheduled for a max time period of two hours. Example: If it is a Friday evening, it must be after 5 p.m. and end by 8 p.m. prior to the event day. Rehearsals can not be be guaranteed the day/evening prior to your event.

  • Access to a European Auto Garage Manager-on-Duty. The manager on duty (MOD) will manage the venue and ensure that vendors are following EAG’s rules and guidelines. The MOD will check on lighting, temperature and bathroom cleanliness throughout the event, as well as help as needed with directing deliveries and guests. The MOD does NOT function as an event planner or coordinator and EAG recommends all guests/groups hire an event planner or coordinator for at least the day of the event. During daytime setup a MOD will be on property to check in on the venue throughout the day.

  • Bathroom access for all guests and hired staff.


  • Events at the Garage allows guests/groups to choose vendors who fit their style and budget, but we encourage groups to choose vendors who have worked at EAG before and who are familiar with the venue. New vendors or vendors who have not worked with EAG are encouraged to schedule a time to meet with the Venue Rental Coordinator to visit the venue and ask questions.

  • Please speak to the Venue Rental Coordinator for rules regarding date changes and cancellations.