Q) Is a wedding rehearsal time included in the price if the event is a wedding?

A) Yes. Depending on our schedule of events during the week and weekend, we cannot guarantee that your rehearsal time will be able to take place the day immediately before your wedding, but you are guaranteed rehearsal time sometime during that week before the wedding. Rehearsals are generally not scheduled further than three months out from the wedding date. For a ceremony and reception: The wedding party may schedule a rehearsal for a day before the event at a time agreed upon by the Venue Rental Coordinator. It can be two hours total and cannot go any later than 8:00 p.m.

Q) What may be used for a wedding throw/send-off?

A) We only allow natural flower petals (rose petals and lavender buds are popular choices); bubble machines may be used, and items that can be waived (pom-poms, bells, glow sticks, etc.). You may use sparklers outside only, however you may not throw rice, glitter, confetti (including eco-fetti), or bird seed.

Q) I want my pet to take part in my wedding/event-are pets allowed on the property?

A) Dogs and other pets and animals are not allowed on the property, with the exception of service animals. Any involvement of a pet must be approved in advance by the Venue Rental Coordinator.

Q) We are having our wedding ceremony in the gardens/on the lawn (coming soon). Do we need to rent chairs?

A) Yes. Events at the Garage does not supply chairs. Please see our list of suggested vendors for chair rental.

Q) Can European Auto Garage accommodate an event tent?

A) Yes. The main, large outside terrace may be tented, but we do not provide the tent. Tents are not allowed without prior permission from the Venue Rental Coordinator and may not be allowed at all if there is a high risk of plant damage. Tent set up and break down must be scheduled and approved by the Venue Rental Coordinator in order to prevent interference with any other events, and back-to-back event groups that both want a tent must use the same tent company for their tent.

Q) Where are photographs permitted?

A) You may use any area at European Auto Garage, as long as you and your photographer(s) stay on paths and in grassy areas; you may not stand in flower beds or walk off of paths. Along with time on the wedding day, couples also receive two hours of time outside of their booked date to take engagement or bridal portrait photographs-this must be scheduled in advance and it must take place during EAG business hours, unless another time is approved by the Venue Rental Coordinator.

Q) Do you offer any inside locations for the ceremony in the event of rain?

A) Yes. The Covered Service Drive is an excellent option, or we recommend renting or reserving a tent for the main parking area in front of EAG and holding the ceremony under the tent.

Q) Can my event go later than 11pm?

A) No. Residential noise codes in the area ask that music stop at 11pm, and the last hour of the night is to be used for clean-up and vendor item pick-up.

Q) Can I have my rentals and other items delivered earlier than the day of the event and/or picked up after the night of the event?

A) All vendors should plan to deliver/set up and pick up/clean up the same day as the event; this includes delivery of chairs, dishes, linens, and other rentals, as well as dropping off personal items. We generally have tents go up the Friday before the event and come down the following Monday, but this is not guaranteed and depends on what else is going on in the space during the week before and after the event. Any exceptions to the contracted time frames must be approved in advance by the Venue Rental Coordinator and will be made in the final weeks leading up to the event.

Q) Do you have bridal room available?

A) Yes. We do have a bridal house available on property. It can be rented for an additional fee as indicated in our pricing schedule. It is also available for small parties. Ask the Venue Rental Coordinator for details.

Q) Can my guests leave cars overnight if they’re not able to drive themselves home?

A) Yes. Cars may be left on property overnight and will not be towed unless left on property for an extended period of time (more than 24 hours). For Saturday events, please note that we do not have business hours on Sunday, and any vehicles left will be done so at their own risk. EAG will not be held responsible for damage or theft of any vehicle or items left in vehicles. All vehicles must be picked up by open of business Monday morning.

Q) Do you provide event/wedding coordination or planning services?

A) Yes. The Venue Rental Coordinator manages the venue and blockings, particularly time frames for setup/deliveries and clean-up/pick-ups, but does not function as an event/wedding coordinator and cannot provide such services. You may hire one of our staff to provide event or wedding coordination as a separate service. It is strongly recommended that you work with a event/wedding planner to help keep everything in order, and it’s important to keep the Venue Rental Coordinator up-to-date with information about the event/wedding day.

Q) Will the Venue Rental Coordinator be present during my wedding day?

A) Yes. We will have either a Special Events Manager-on-Duty, who handles events/weddings and other evening and weekend events, or the Venue Rental Coordinator. This person is in charge of maintaining the venue during the event/wedding (check lighting and temperature, stock bathrooms, work with the parking lot guard, etc.) and is given all of the pertinent information about the wedding (floor plan and vendor list with times, as well as itinerary and rental lists, if available).

Q) What is expected of us and our vendors at the end of the night during clean up?

A) Caterers must pick up and remove all trash in and around the building and pathways and break down their food and drink tables. The kitchen must be mopped, equipment must be wiped out and turned off, and counters and cabinets must be wiped down. Any items that haven’t been approved to stay overnight must be removed. Clients are not expected to vacuum or clean restrooms.

Q) Are the ceremony areas or the Service Drive lit overhead?

A) No. There are no overhead lights in any of these areas. Lighting is needed over the main Service Drive and is recommended for any bars on the side terraces; candles are helpful for other tables. Ceremony areas do not need to be lit unless the ceremony will past sunset; please keep in mind Daylight Savings Time when scheduling your ceremony.