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European Auto Garage first opened its doors in late 2007. EAG was started by enthusiasts striving for a local shop that pays attention to detail, and performed the highest quality level of work.  All this needed to be accomplished with adding value, and a great customer experience. This is  something most customers were not getting from a dealer or other independent shops. Ten years later, we still strive for the highest quality of work and an all around great experience. We have factory trained technicians (Mini, BMW & ASE Master Certified) that are able to perform anything from routine maintenance to performance modifications for your automobile. We continue to grow and are a licensed car dealer. In 2008 we started the local Cars & Coffee event which started out with a few enthusiasts and has grown into an event every gear head in Knoxville looks forward too. It has grown into a charity event that we partner with Regal Entertainment semi annually. We thank all our customers for your continued support! 

Owner - Rich Defrancisco

We all believe around here that Rich was born with a wrench in his hand (maybe those shades too). Rich started 30 years ago with BMW and worked his way up to become a BMW Master Tech, and eventually into a trainer with BMW North America. He was an instructor at the BMW North America technician school, and taught classes for up and coming technicians. He was a master at teaching the  Ins and Outs of BMWs. Rich eventually made his way down to Tennessee and worked for a few of the local dealers, eventually ending up at EAG. The rest, as they say, is history. On weekends you can find Rich racing in Chump Car Series, fishing, HPDEs, spending time with his family, and the real boss of the shop …his wife, Cyndi.


Technician - Mark Magnusson

Mark has been with EAG since it’s birth 10 years ago. Coming to EAG Mark already was a very seasoned technician. Mark had 5 years of BMW dealer service, along with another 5 years in Lexus dealer service. Since working at EAG, Mark has become our goto guy for any Porsche related repairs from 944s to Boxster IMS bearing repairs. He is no doubt a family man, and the proud father of a beautiful 6 year old girl. Mark is a very technical guy and makes sure that all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed. Even as a child, he was always taking things apart to see how they operated. Mark, our Magnum PI, will figure out the most complicated of jobs. The tremendous pride that Mark takes in his work and the numerous certifications are just two of the many things that makes him a necessity at EAG. 


Technician - Aaron Conklin

Aaron joined us in 2015. Aaron came down from Illinois looking to get out of the frigid rusted Northern air. Aaron is ASE Master certified. He has a vast knowledge of European vehicles along with Domestics, and Japanese vehicles. His varied experience is  due to his long term experience at Carmax and other independent shops. Aaron spends his off time with his family, trying to stay out of poison ivy, and keeping up to date on tetanus shots, due to the northern rusty vehicles he brought down with him.  


Technician - Eric Helton 

Eric also joined us in 2015. Eric is a certified Mini Master technician. Eric has been a tremendous asset to the shop for keeping these Mini Coopers running and going. Along with the Mini knowledge, Eric brings a great deal of BMW knowledge to the table due to the BMW/Mini relationship. In his off time Eric has a love for vintage stand-up Jet-Skis. He has roughly 7 or 8.  It may even be 12. Eric also enjoys boating on the summer weekends with wake boarding or wake surfing.  Eric loves Wiener dogs, and has two dachshunds he considers his children... One is named Bimmer and the other is named Mini.  Say hi to Eric at Cars and Coffee and if you can't find him just listen for the laugh. It is loud and one of a kind.


Office Manager - Jade Price

Jade joined EAG back in 2012. She takes care of answering the phones, greeting people, helping with thank you cards, scheduling and helping with every day tasks in the office. Jade has helped our business grow tremendously. She runs the front of the house very efficiently and maintains a very high standard of customer service. Jade is very much a car enthusiast as well. You'll find her riding around town in her Subaru WRX. When it's not about cars you can find Jade spending time with her family.

Andrew and Tara Wedding 4-22-17 (431 of 468).jpg

Service Manager - Andrew Hilliard

Andrew joined EAG back in March of 2010 taking care of parts inventory, ordering, and anything that needed to be done around the shop. Andrew moved to service advisor a few months later, and as we grew, he took on the role of Service Manager. Andrew takes care of all the customer vehicle repair orders. He is an expert at talking with customers about their cars.  He is able to help customers prioritize repairs that are needed and schedule the ones that are not as critical. Andrew's passion for cars runs all the way back to when he was just a wee little lad. His first word was car. Andrew is a Nissan guy at heart, but loves just about anything with a Roundel. In the off hours you can find Andrew at ChumpCar races in EAG's 1988 BMW 535i typically exhausting himself and on the verge of hurling. When its not at the track, its in his 335i up on the dragon, at the drag strip, or even doing the occasional track day in it unless a DME failure happens.... And when its not in a car, its about cars. And when its not about cars its about music and playing guitar.